Apr 21, 2014

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Current Affairs 2014 Study Material for PA/SA Examination 2014

Current Affairs 2014 Study Material 

Simon Santoso of Indonesia won Malaysia Grand Prix Gold

Super Hercules aircraft of IAF C-130 J crashed in Rajasthan

Hindi writer Mr. Govind Mishra selected for Saraswati Samman 2013

G D Birla Award 2013 bagged by Physicist Rajesh Gopakumar

Indian Journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary bagged 'Digital activism award'

Czech Catholic priest Tomas Halik wins $1.83 million Templeton Prize

First elected Prime Minister of Spain Adolfo Suarez passed away

Deputy Governor of RBI KC Chakrabarty resigns

Book "Rationalised Roman for Kashmiri" released

Smartphone Virus Dendroid detected

Stamp on Noor Inayat Khan released by Britain's Royal Mail

Government of India divested its 9 percent stake in Axis Bank

Senior women hockey National Title clinched by RSPB

Indian first ever truck racing championship won by Stuart Oliver

All elections booths will be smoking free in J&K, became first state to do so

New Molecule HSP90 discovered

Astronomers discovered largest ever yellow hypergiant star - HR 5171 A

UNSC extended mandate of UNAMA till March 2015

Aditi Khanna became first women President of IJA

R. Neelakantan appointed as CFO by SpiceJet

Myanmar hosted third BIMSTEC summit 2014

ICC under 19 World Cup 2014 won by South Africa

Union Government of India on 28 February 2014 raised the number of workdays under MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005) from 100 days to 150 days.

Union Cabinet cleared reservation for Jats community under OBC category

Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, Vice President of Afghanistan died

Arvind Mayaram appointed as new Finance Secretary

Book "Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and Other Truths" written by PC Parakh released

Pulitzer Prize 2014 in poetry category bagged by Vijay Seshadri

Next Chief Justice of India will be Justice R.M.Lodha

Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2013 goes to Legendary Poet Gulzar

London Marathon won by Wilson Kipsang

Justice G Rohini appointed as the first women Chief Justice of Delhi High Court
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Question paper of Postal Asst./Sorting Asst. Exam- held on September 2008

Previous Year Exam Question Paper 2008

Answer Key

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Constitution & History related Questions for PA/SA Exam 2014

1. The Constituent Assembly was set up under
(A)the Cabinet Mission Plan of 1946
(B)under the Indian Independence Act 1947
(C)under a resolution of the Provisional Government
(D)by the Indian National Congress

2. Which consitutional amendment introduced the anti defection provisions in the Indian constitution for the first time
(A)51st amendment
(B)52nd amendment
(C)53rd amendment
(D)54th amendment

3. The constitution of India provides for
(A)single citizenship
(B)duel citizenship
(C)multiple citizenship
(D)contains no provisions regarding citizenship

4. The constitution of India has given the executive power of the Union Government in
(A)the President
(B)the prime minister
(C)the council of ministers
(D)all the above

5. Who was appointed as the Prime Minister in the interim council of minister (1946)
(A)Dr. BR Ambedkar
(B)KM Munshi
(C)JL Nehru
(D)none of the above

6. Which of the following offices has not been provided by the constitutionof India
(A)Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
(B)Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(C)Deputy Speaker of Legislative Assembly
(D)Deputy Prime Minister

7. The Supreme Court of India was set up
(A)by the constitution
(B)under the Indian Independence Act 1947
(C)through an Act of Parliament in 1950
(D)under the Government of India Act 1935

8. The constitution of India describes India as a
(A)Union of states
(B)a federation
(C)a confederation
(D)a quasi-federal

9. Who among the following Hindu religious teachers was called to the Ibadat Khana of Emperor Akbar?
(A)Hari Vijaya Suri
(C)Banuchandra Upadhayya
(D)Vijaya Sen Suri

10. The principle that distinguishes Jainism from Buddhism is the
(A)Practice of the eight-fold path
(B)Rejection of the infallibility of the Vedas
(C)Belief in rebirth
(D)Attribution of a soul to all beings and things

11. The Indus Valley people were familiar with the use of
(A)Tin, copper and iron
(B)Tin, lead and copper
(C)Copper and lead
(D)Copper alone

12. The first Governor-General of India was appointed under the provisions of the Act of

13. The founder of the Pala dynasty of Bengal was

14. Consider the following statements regarding the Arab conquest of Sindh
1. It did not prove to be permanent
2. It was adequately supported by the Caliphs
3. It lasted for about three centuries
Which of these statements are correct?
(A)1, 2 and 3
(B)1 and 2
(C)2 and 3
(D)1 and 3

15. Consider the following events
1. Siraj-ud-Daulah’s invasion of the British factory at Kasimbazar
2. Black Hole Tragedy
3. Battle of Plassey
4. Treaty of Alinagar
The correct chronological sequence of these events is
(A)1, 2, 3, 4
(B)1, 2, 4, 3
(C)3, 4, 1, 2
(D)3, 4, 2, 1


1. (A)the Cabinet Mission Plan of 1946
2. (B)52nd amendment
3. (A)single citizenship
4. (A)the President
5. (C)JL Nehru
6. (D)Deputy Prime Minister
7. (A)by the constitution
8. (A)Union of states
9. (B)Purushottama
10. (D)Attribution of a soul to all beings and things
11. (B)Tin, lead and copper
12. (A)1773
13. (B)Gopala
14. (B)1 and 2
15. (B)1, 2, 4, 3
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Model Question and Answer for Postal Assistant Exam

1.A house owner wants to get his house painted. He is told that this would require 25 kg of paint. Allowing for 15% wastage and assuming that the paint is available in 2kg tins, the number of tins required for painting the house is -
a. 15
b. 12
c. 10
d. 20
Ans: a

2.A sum of Rs. 800 amounts to Rs. 920 in three years at S.I. If the rate of interest is increased by 5% then the amount will increase to
a. Rs. 950
b. Rs. 980
c. Rs. 1010
d. Rs. 1040
Ans: d

3.A person borrowed Rs. 500@ 3% per annum S.I and Rs. 600 @4½% per annum on the agreement that the whole amount will be returned only when the total interest becomes Rs. 126. The number of years, after which the borrowed sum is to be returned, is
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
Ans: b

4.A person bought some oranges @ Rs. 10 per dozen and bought the same amount of oranges @ Rs. 8 per dozen. He sold these oranges @ Rs. 11 per dozen and gained Rs. 120. The total number of oranges bought by him was
a. 30 dozen
b. 40 dozen
c. 50 dozen
d. 60 dozen
Ans: d

5.The ratio of 435 : 25 is same as
a. 4 : 1
b. 2 : 1
c. 7 : 5
d. 7 : 10
Ans: a

6.A man walking at the rate of 6km per hour crosses a square field diagonally in 9 seconds. The area of the field is-
a. 125 sq. cm
b. 112.5 sq. cm
c. 110 sq. cm
d. 100?2 sq. m
Ans: b

7.A and B can together finish a work in 30 days. They worked at it for 10 days together and then B left. The remaining work was done by A alone in 30 more days. B alone can finish the work in
a. 48 days
b. 60 days
c. 75 days
d. 90 days
Ans: d

8.A and B entered into a partnership investing Rs. 12000 and Rs. 9000 respectively. After 3 months C also joined them with a capital of Rs. 15000. The share of C in the half yearly profit of Rs. 9500 is
a. Rs. 3500
b. Rs. 3000
c. Rs. 2500
d. Rs. 4000
Ans: c

9.A person covered some distance in 12 hours. He covered half the distance by rail @ 75 km per hour and the rest by car @ 45 km/hr. The total distance covered by him was
a. 450 km
b. 675 km
c. 337.5 km
d. 1350 km
Ans: b

10.The milk and water in two vessels A and B are in the ratio 4:3 and 2:3 respectively. In what ratio, the liquids be mixed in both the vessels so that the new liquid contains half milk and half water?
a. 7:5
b. 1:2
c. 2:1
d. 6:5
Ans: a

11.A train crosses a pole in 15 seconds, while it crosses 100 meter long platform in 25 seconds. The length of the train is -
a. 125m
b. 135 m
c. 159 m
d. 175 m
Ans: c

12.On converting the following base-2 numeral in base ten, 1101101, we get
a. 96
b. 104
c. 108
d. 109
Ans: d

13.If 272/3 × 81-1/2 = 3x, the value of x is
a. -1
b. 0
c. 1
d. 2
Ans: b

14.The former managing editor of SAGE India and longtime Doordarshan news reader who died in Landour (above Mussorie) on December 16, 2007 is .
(a) Pakaj Singh
(b) Rajesh Sharma
(c) Tajeshwar Singh
(d) Mohanlal Chaturvedi
Ans: c

15.The editor of Jaipur-based monthly journal, “Sharad Krishi” who was on December 18, 2007 presented the prestigious Atmaram Prize for developing scientific and technical literature in Hindi is .
(a) Mahendra Madhup
(b) Anupam Shrivastava
(c) Dhirendra Singh Parmar
(d) Gaurav Bainsala

Ans: a

Apr 20, 2014

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Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Questions for PA/SA Exam

1. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and choose the one that come first.
(a) Necessary
(b) Nature
(c) Naval
(d) Navigate

2. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and choose the one that come first.
(a) Devise
(b) Dexterity
(c) Deuce
(d) Dew

3. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and choose the one that come first.
(a) Foment
(b) Foetus
(c) Forceps
(d) Foreign

Direction: In this type of questions, two words are given. These words are related to each other in some way. Another word is also given. The candidate required to find out the relationship between the first two word and choose the word from the given alternatives, which bears the same relationship to the third word

4. Pigeon : Peace : : White Flag :?
(a) Friendship
(b) Victory
(c) Surrender
(d) War

5. Quail : Partridges : : Yak :?
(a) Cows
(b) Deer
(c) Oxen
(d) Antelopes

Direction: In each of the following questions four words have been given out of which three are alike in some manner and the fourth one is different.

6. Choose out the odd one.
(a) Flute
(b) Guitar
(c) Sitar
(d) Violin

7. Choose out the odd one.
(a) Lamprey
(b) Salmon
(c) Rhea
(d) Trout

8. Choose out the odd one.
(a) Kiwi
(b) Eagle
(c) Emu
(d) Penguin

Directions: Questions 9 to 10, Read the following information and answerthe questions given below

(i) A, B, C, D and E reside in a five storey building.
(ii) Band E do not reside on the ground floor.
(iii) D resides one storey above A and one storey below C.
(iv) E does not reside on the top floor.

9. On which floor does D reside?
(a) 1st
(b) 2nd
(c) 4th
(d) 5th

10. How many of them reside above C?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4


1. (b) Nature
2. (c) Deuce
3. (b) Foetus
4. (c) Pigeon is a symbol of peace and white flag is a symbol of surrender.
5. (c) First belongs to the family of second
6. (a) All except Flute are string instruments.
7. (c) All except Rhea are kinds of fishes.
8. (b) All except Eagle are flightless birds.
9. (a) 1st: D resides on first floor.
10. (b) 2: Clearly, Band E are above C.
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February 2014: Complete Current Affairs PDF Download

Friends…Many of you have been requesting us for the complete Current Affairs of February 2014. Due to some technical reasons we couldn’t update the complete Current Affairs PDF of February 2014 in time. But as many exams are forthcoming, we know its importance, that the PDF will help you easily memorize the important happenings during February. In this post we are bringing you the complete Current Affairs PDF of February 2014. We are very sorry that it couldn’t be updated in time. We are sure that this will help you..use it to the maximum. Click on the below link to Download it as PDF!!!  Happy reading…

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April 2014 Current Affairs Question (2nd Week): Free Download

Q1. Who was selected for the Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2013?
Ans. Legendary Poet Gulzar
Note: He is the 45th winner of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Sampooran Singh Kalra famous as Gulzar is a lyricist, director, screen writer, producer and poet. The award is conferred by the government for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Indian cinema. Gulzar was conferred by the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2002 and the Padma Bhushan in 2004. He had won a number of National Film Awards and 20 Filmfare Awards. At the 81st Oscars in 2009, he won the Academy Award for best original song for Jai ho with Rahman.
Dadasaheb Phalke Award
The Dadasaheb Phalke Award is the highest award of India in cinema. The award was given annually by the Government of India for lifetime contribution to Indian cinema. The award was introduced in 1969. Award was introduced to commemorate the birth centenary year of Dadasaheb Phalke.

Q2. Who was appointed as Next Chief Justice of India on 11 April 2014?
Ans. Justice R.M.Lodha
Note: Justice Lodha will take his charge from 27 April 2014. He will be the 41st Chief Justice of India. He will succeed Justice P. Sathasivam. Justice Lodha will have a brief tenure of five months as the Chief Justice of India (CJI). He is scheduled to retire on 27 September 2014. He is 64. As per the Article 124 clause (2) of the Constitution of India, the President appoints Chief Justice of India.

Q3. Which Indian cricketer was named among Wisden’s Five Cricketers of the Year?
Ans. Shikhar Dhawan
Note: The award is for his performance in 2013. The other four to be named under the list of cricketer of the year are: Chris Rogers and Ryan Harris of Australia, Joe Root of England, and Charlotte Edwards (Captain of women’s team of England). 
Wisden Cricketer of the year dates back to 1889 and since then the honour is given annually. The list of the Cricketer of the Year is chosen by the editor of the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack depending upon their excellence and performance of the previous English summer. This title can be won by any cricketer only once in his/her career.

Q4. Who became 1st Indian cricketer on cover page of Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack recently?
Ans. Sachin
Note: 151st edition of the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack published on 9 April 2014 carries a picture of Sachin Tendulkar on its cover page.

Q5. Name India's first aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy (decommissioned) which has been sold for 60 crore rupees in first week of April 2014 to a company named IB Commercial Pvt Ltd?
Ans. INS Vikrant
Note: The Indian Navy's first aircraft carrier played an important role during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. It was decommissioned on 31 January 1997. It was auctioned after the Maharashtra government expressed its inability to maintain Vikrant.

Q6. Which Indian shooter on 7 April 2014 clinched the World’s Number One spot in 10 meters air pistol event?Visit:www.currentaffairs4examz.com
Ans. Heena Sindhu
Note: She became the first Indian pistol shooter to be ranked at the top position in the list.

Q7. Who was named captain of ICC World T20 team?
Ans. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Note: The selected team for the ICC World Team includes other Indians like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin. The World Team includes four players from India, two from both South Africa and West Indies, and one representative each from Australia, Netherlands and Sri Lanka. The team has been selected be a group of experts, mainly depending on the statistics of their performances during the ICC World Twenty 202014 tournament in Bangladesh.

Q8. World Health Day 2014 was observed across the world on 7 April 2014 with the theme?
Ans. Vector-borne diseases
Note: The day provides an opportunity for individuals to get involved in activities that can lead to better health. First World Health Day was celebrated on 7 April 1950 and marks the anniversary of the WHO in 1948.

Q9. Who won the men’s singles title of 250000 US dollar India Super Series Badminton in New Delhi on 6 April 2014?
Ans. Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia
Q10. Which company on 7 April 2014 made a deal worth USD 3.2 billion to buy India's No. 1 drugmaker Ranbaxy?
Ans. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Note: Sun Pharma will acquire 100 percent of Ranbaxy in an all stock deal for 3.2 billion dollars. The deal between Sun Pharma and Ranbaxy has been agreed at a swap ratio of 1:0.8. That is, Ranbaxy shareholders will receive share of 0.8 share of Sun Pharma for each share of Ranbaxy.

Q11. The recently released book (released on 11 April 2014) which sparked controversy "The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh" was authored by?
Ans. Dr. Sanjaya Baru
Note: He was the former media advisor of the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh between 2004 and 2008.

Q12. Which Indian on 10 April 2014 received the Knight Grand Cross (GBE) award by UK Government, which is one of the highest civilian honour of Britain?
Ans. Ratan Tata
Note: The award was given by Queen Elizabeth II. Ratan Tata is one of the five foreign nationals to be honoured. He was already honoured with a KBE (Knight Commander) in 2009. Ratan Tata was honoured for his services to UK/India relations, inward investment to the UK and philanthropy. Ratan Tata was former chairman of the Tata Group that has a large presence in Britain.

Q13. Which public sector bank on 11 April 2014 launched its Twitter handle account?
Ans. State Bank of India (SBI)
Note: The Twitter handle for SBI is TheOfficialSBI. The bank expects this Twitter handle to connect better with the tech-savvy young generation.

Q14. Who won the Millennium Technology Prize 2014?
Ans. Stuart Parkin
Note: The award is for his discoveries leading to a thousand-fold increase in digital data storage on magnetic disks. The Prize is worth of 1 million euro and it was announced by the Technology Academy Finland in Finland on 9 April 2014.

Q15. Name the new security threat which adversely impacts the online safety of internet users worldwide which arrived in India recently?
Ans. Heartbleed
Note: This problem is limited to OpenSSL, a variant of SSL/TLS, but OpenSSL software is used by a large no. of websites.

Q16. Which Indian was on 10 April 2014 appointed as a member of the Board of Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)?Visit:www.currentaffairs4examz.com
Ans. Ratan Tata
Note: The post is a rare distinction for an Indian in the Chinese government-backed influential body.

Q17. World Bank on 9 April 2014 projected that the economic growth rate of India for the fiscal year 2014-2015 will be ............ percent?
Ans. 5.7
Note:  In its forecast the World Bank said that the growth would be backed on the more competitive exchange rate and many large investments going forward.

Q18. Who was re-elected as Prime Minister of Hungary for the second consecutive four-year term on 8 April 2014?
Ans. Viktor Orban
Q19. Which Israeli startup on 8 April 2014 developed a new smart phonebattery called Nanodots that recharges in 30 seconds?
Ans. StoreDot
Note: The firm demonstrated the battery Nanodots at the Microsoft's Think Next symposium in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Q20. Indian American novelist, Jhumpa Lahiri’s which book has been shortlisted for the 2014 Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction on 8 April 2014?
Ans. Lowland
Note: Five other books have also been shortlisted for the prize. This is the UK’s only annual book award for fiction written by a woman and this year’s prize winner will be announced on 4 June 2014 in London.

Q21. Who won the women’s singles title of India Super Series Badminton in New Delhi on 6 April 2014?
Ans. Shixian Wang
Q22. Which state won the 4th Hockey India Junior Men National Championship 2014 (Division A) on 6 April 2014?
Ans. Punjab
Note: They won by defeating Odisha 6-2 in the finals at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. With this win, Punjab had retained the championship title.

Q23. Itanagar, the capital city of which state on 7 April 2014 received its first passenger train?
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh
Note:  With this Itanagar became the second state capital after Guwahati among the seven sister north-eastern states plus Sikkim to be placed on the railway map of India.

Q24. Which country legalized sale of self-testing kits for HIV on 6 April 2014?
Ans. United Kingdom (UK)
Q25. Which cricket team is at No.1 position in the latest T20 rankings released by ICC on 8 April 2014?Visit:www.currentaffairs4examz.com
Ans. Sri Lanka
Q26. Asian Awards Ltd released a list of the 100 Most Influential Asian People of 2014 on 6 April 2014. Who topped the list?
Ans. Chinese President Xi Jinping
Note: Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi are among the top 5 in the list.

Q27. Enterprise resource planning software vendor SAP on 7 April 2014 whom as its Managing Director for India?
Ans. Ravi Chauhan
Q28. Name the renowned cinematographer and Dada Saheb Phalke awardee who died on 7 April 2014 at his residence in Shankarapuram?
Ans. VK Murthy
Q29. The report entitled Towards New Horizons-Arab Economic Transformation amid Political Transitions was recently released by?
Ans. IMF
Note: IMF in its report has said that to achieve economic stability and for job-creation the Arab countries will have to come up with bold economic policy reforms.

Q30. Name the former New Zealand wicketkeeper who on 11 April 2014 announced his retirement from cricket?
Ans. Gareth Hopkins
Note: The 37-year-old Hopkins played four Tests, 25 one-dayers and 10 Twenty20 internationals with his last Test and ODI appearance coming against India back in 2010.

Q31. Who on 7 April 2014 set a new Guinness record for skydiving using the world's smallest parachute?
Ans. Ernesto Gainza of UAE
Note: He jumped from 14000 feet with a canopy the size of a bed sheet. Ernesto Gainza is a member from the Skydive Dubai parachute team of United Arab Emirates.
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