Nov 21, 2014

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Inspector of Posts Vacancy Position 2014 in Gujarat Circle




No : R&E/2-1/2014 Dated at Ahmedabad:-380001 the 20-11-2014

Sub : Holding of Inspector of Posts Examination 2014 for the promotion to the cadre of Inspector Of Posts to be held on 22nd &23rd November,2014.

The vacancies under Departmental quota in the cadre of Inspector posts to be filled in by the above cited examination in the year-2014 are notified as under.

Break up of vacancies
O/C    - 16
SC      - 03
ST      - 01
Total  - 20

It is requested that the number of vacancies should be brought to the notice of all concerned and wide publicity be given.

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Current Affairs Question 19 November 2014

Daily Current Affairs Quiz-32

1.Ninth G-20 Summit of major economies was held in Brisbane, Australia from 15 to 16 November 2014. The summit focused on promoting economic growth and set the target of boosting global growth by _________ in five years.current-affair-quiz

A. 2 percent
B. 5 percent
C. 8 percent
D. 10 percent

A. 2 percent
2. 25th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit was held in ______________ from 12 November 2014 to 13 November 2014.

A. Brisbane, Australia
B. Manila, Philippines
C. Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
D. Sydney, Australia

C. Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
3. Akash surface-to-air missile was test fired by the Indian Air Force (IAF) from Integrated Test Range at Chandipur near Balasore, Odisha on 17 November 2014. What is the strike range of Akash ?

A. 25 km
B. 250 km
C. 2000 km
D. 5000 km

A. 25 km
4. Which Indian-American won International Children’s Peace Prize 2014 ?

A. Neha Gupta
B. Sameer Gupta
C. Aboli Gupta
D. Akhilesh Gupta

A. Neha Gupta

Neha, an 18-year-old Indian American from Philadelphia was awarded for her work to help orphans in India and other vulnerable children.
5. A four boggy train named Modi Express, in honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was flagged off by an Australian Minister Matthew Guy in __________.

A. Sydney
B. Melbourne
C. Brisbane
D. Perth

B. Melbourne
6. Which Tech giant has launched a new e-mail application ‘Verse’ for enterprises that integrates social media, file sharing and analytics to help increase productivity ?

C. Google
D. Microsoft

7. Which agency was chosen for Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2014 ?



Indian space agency ISRO will be conferred the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2014 in recognition of its contribution in strengthening international cooperation in peaceful use of outer space.
8. India announced a __________ line of credit to Fiji for a co-generation power plant.

A. $25 million
B. $50 million
C. $75 million
D. $125 million

C. $75 million
9. The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi,launched _________________ – an "Aadhar-based Digital Life Certificate" for pensioners, in a move that could eventually benefit over a crore pensioners.

A. Jeevan Pramaan
B. Jeevan Saral
C. Simply Life
D. Gratitude

A. Jeevan Pramaan
10. Who has been appointed as Chairperson of the Finance Ministry’s think-tank National Institute of Public Finance & Policy (NIPFP) ?

A. Vijay Kelkar
B. C. Rangarajan
C. Raghuram Rajan
D. Narendra Jadhao

A. Vijay Kelkar

He replaces former Reserve Bank governor C. Rangarajan.

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General Knowledge - G-20 : Must know facts

G-20 Must Know facts for Competitive Exams

The G20 is a major platform for dialogue and coordination between developed and developing big countries.
Collectively, the G-20 economies account for around 85% of the gross world product (GWP), 80% of world trade (or, if excluding EU intra-trade, 75%), and two-thirds of the world population.

G-20The G-20 was founded in 1999 as a forum for cooperation and consultation.

Unlike some other international organizations, the G20 has no permanent staff of its own.

The G-20 Summit was created as a response both to the financial crisis of 2007–2010 and to a growing recognition that key emerging countries were not adequately included in the core of global economic discussion and governance

Since the November 2011 Cannes summit, all G-20 summits have been held annually.G20-Nations
The G20 chair rotates between members and is selected from a different regional grouping of countries each year.

Members of G-20
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union.

In 2014, G20 Summit was hosted by Australia. Turkey took over the presidency from Australia and will host the event in Antalya in 2015. With China being selected for the 2016 presidency, the G20 troika would now consist of Turkey, Australia and China.
Summary of recent and future summits of G-20 :
1st Summit Washington DC-2008
2013 Saint Petersburg- Russia
2014 Brisbane- Australia - 9th Summit
2015 Antalya- Turkey
2016 China
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Current Affairs Question and Answer: 20 November 2014

1) Which among the following organization has won the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for the year 2014 on 19 November 2014?
(B) Bachpan Bachao Andolan
(D) Red Cross 

2) Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd (BMB) on 19 November 2014 launched its internet banking facility by the name?
(A) BMBOnline
(B) BMBBanking
(C) OnlineBMB
(D) BMBSmartBanking

3) World Toilet Day (WTD) was observed across the world on?
(A) 19 November
(B) 18 November
(C) 21 November
(D) 20 November

4) Prime Minister Narendra Modi who visited Fiji on 19 November announced a 75 million of credit for Fiji for a co-generation power plant and upgrading the sugar industry ans also pitched for stronger ties. Who was the last Indian PM before Modi to visit Fiji?
(A) A B Vajpayee
(B) Indira Gandhi
(C) Rajiv Gandhi
(D) Charan Singh

5) Which English word was chosen as Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year for 2014 on 19 November 2014?
(A) Gagnam Style
(B) Selfie
(C) Whatsapp
(D) Vape

6) Kisan Vikas Patra which was re-launched by Union Government on 18 November 2014 has a maturity period of?
(A) 5 Years and 6 Months
(B) 2 Years
(C) 8 Years and 4 Months
(B) 7 Years and 3 Months

7) Name the Indian-American student who on 19 November 2014 has won the 2014 International Children's Peace Prize Award for her exceptional work to raise money for underprivileged children around the world?
(A) Tanushi Sharma
(B) Neha Gupta
(C) Sruthi Menon
(D) Arya Krishna

8) Which tech giant has launched a new e-mail application named 'Verse', for businesses that integrates social media, file sharing and analytics to learn a user's behavior and predict interactions with coworkers on 19 November 2014?
(A) Google
(B) Yahoo
(C) Accenture

9) Nation remembered Indira Gandhi on her ....... birth anniversary on 19 November 2014?
(A) 97th
(B) 125th
(C) 90th
(D) 101st

10) According to a recent study, number of people online in India is forecast to touch 302 million by end of this year, overtaking which country as the second-largest Internet market in the world?
(A) China
(C) UK
(D) Saudi Arabia


1) Ans. (C) ISRO
2) Ans. (D) BMBSmartBanking
3) Ans. (A) 19 November
4) Ans. (B) Indira Gandhi
5) Ans. (D) Vape
6) Ans. (C) 8 Years and 4 Months
7) Ans. (B) Neha Gupta
8) Ans. (D) IBM
9) Ans. (A) 97th
10) Ans. (B) USA
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Computer Question and Answer for PA/ SA Examination

1) If we connect personal computers together, we can form a ……….
(A) network
(B) supercomputer
(C) server
(D) none of these

2) What is the function of output devices?
(A) Store data
(B) View or print data
(C) scan data
(D) input data

3) Which of the following are the most common input devices?
(A) Digital camera, speakers
(B) Keyboard, mouse
(C) Microphone, printer
(D) Scanner, monitor

4) Which of the following performs simple mathematics for the CPU?
(C) Register

5) Which of the following is the connection to the internet using a phone and a modem?
(A) digital
(B) broadband
(C) dial up
(D) dish

6) If we want to reload a webpage which button do we use?
(A) F2
(B) F5
(C) F10
(D) F12

7) What is the name of a website's main page?
(A) Browser page
(B) Home page
(C) Bookmark page
(D) Search page

8) If you want to enter the current date in a cell, which button do you use?
(A) CTRL + F10
(B) CTRL + F11
(C) CTRL + ;(semicolon)
(D) CTRL + : (colon)

9) Where you will find the HELP menu?
(A) Start
(B) End
(C) Turnoff
(D) Restart

10) If you want to change the selected text to all capital letters, which key(s) will you press?
(A) Caps Lock
(B) ctrl + shift + A
(C) ctrl + alt + C
(D) none of these


1) Ans. (A) network
2) Ans. (B) View or print data
3) Ans. (B) keyboard, mouse
4) Ans. (D) ALU
5) Ans. (C) dial up
6) Ans. (B) F5
7) Ans. (B) Home page
8) Ans. (C) CTRL + ;(semicolon)
9) Ans. (A) Start
10) Ans. (B) ctrl + shift + A

Nov 20, 2014

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Latest Current Affairs Question & Answers: 19th November 2014

1) Nanavati Commission of Enquiry which probed the 2002 post-Godhra riots submitted its final report to Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel on 18 November 2014. Twelve years after it was constituted, how many extensions were given to the commission to submit its final report?
(A) 24
(B) 12
(C) 5
(D) 10

2) Sutirtha Bhattacharya was on 18 November 2014 appointed as the new chairman and managing director of?
(A) Steel Authority of India Limited
(B) Coal India limited
(C) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
(D) None of these

3) Filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai was on 18 November 2014 selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 45th edition ofInternational Film Festival of India, Goa. He is from which country?
(A) China
(B) South Korea
(C) Japan
(D) Hong Kong

4) Which city will host the 2019 athletics world championships as announced on 18 November 2014?
(A) London
(B) Beijing
(C) Tokyo
(D) Doha

5) Terry Walsh was on 18 November 2014 resigned as the head coach of?
(A) Indian Cricket Team
(B) Indian Volleyball Team
(C) Indian Hockey Team
(D) Indian Shooting Team 

6) Who among the following has been chosen for the BCCI’s Col. C.K. Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award for 2013-14 on 18 November 2014?
(A) Kapil Dev
(B) Dilip Vengsarkar
(C) Rahul Dravid
(D) VVS Laxman

7) Government on 18 November 2014 relaunched the Kisan Vikas Patras, to tap household savings for funding infrastructure development in the country. To begin with, KVP will be sold through?
(A) Post Offices
(B) Nationalized Banks
(D) All of these

8) A committed headed by former Cabinet Secretary TSR Subramanian, set up to review environmental laws, has submitted its report on 18 November 2014 to Environment Minister?
(A) Ravi Sankar Prasad
(B) Arun Jaitley
(C) Harsh Vardhan
(D) Prakash Javadekar

9) 12th ASEAN-India Summit was recently held at?
(A) Brisbane, Australia
(C) Kathmandu, Nepal
(C) Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
(D) Hanoi, Vietnam

10) International Buddhist Conference was recently held at?
(A) Lumbini, Nepal
(B) New Delhi, India
(C) Colombo, Srilanka
(D) None of these


1) Ans. (A) 24
2) Ans. (B) Coal India limited
3) Ans. (D) Hong Kong
4) Ans. (D) Doha
5) Ans. (C) Indian Hockey Team
6) Ans. (B) Dilip Vengsarkar
7) Ans. (A) Post Offices
8) Ans. (D) Prakash Javadekar
9) Ans. (C) Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
10) Ans. (A) Lumbini, Nepal
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Know more about Kisan Vikas Patra

Union government on 19 November 2014 relaunched the erstwhile popular small savings instrument Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) to encourage people to save more and keep them off fraudulent schemes. Here are the things you should know about the scheme.

* Kisan Vikas Patra savings scheme was originally launched in 1988. The maturity period of the scheme when launched was five and half years and the money invested doubled on maturity. KVP was a popular saving scheme that doubled the money invested in eight years and seven months.

* However, KVP was discontinued by the UPA government in 2011 following the Shyamala Gopinath Committee report. It had suggested that KVPs may be discontinued as they are prone to misuse.

* In the newly launched scheme amount invested in Kisan Vikas Patra would get doubled in 100 months or eight years and four months. This means KVPs would be giving a return of 8.7 per cent annually. This is in line with 8.70 per cent per annum interest rate offered by another popular savings instrument public provident fund (PPF).

* However, investors would not get any tax benefit for their investment in Kisan Vikas Patra unlike in PPF.

* The Kisan Vikas Patra certificates would be available in the denominations of Rs 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 and there is no upper limit on investment in KVPs.

* Kisan Vikas Patra certificates can be encashed after a lock-in period of 30 months or 2 years and 6 months. Thereafter, investors can withdraw in any block of six months.

* Kisan Vikas Patra certificates can be issued in single or joint names and can be transferred from one person to any other person/persons, multiple times.

* The facility of transfer from one post office to another anywhere in India and of nomination will be available.

* Kisan Vikas Patra certificates can also be pledged as security to availloans from the banks.

* Initially, the Kisan Vikas Patra certificates will be sold through post offices, but later on they will be made available to the through designated branches of nationalised banks.

* Kisan Vikas Patra was very popular among the investors and the percentage share of gross collections secured in KVP was in the range of 9 per cent to 29 per cent against the total collections received under all National Savings Schemes in the country. Gross collections under Kisan Vikas Patra in 2010-11 were Rs. 21631.16 crore which was 9 per cent of the total gross collections during the year. Kisan Vikas Patra scheme was withdrawn in 2011.
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18th November 2014 Daily Current Affairs Updates

1) Nanavati panel submits final report on Gujarat riots: Twelve years after it was constituted, the Nanavati Commission of Enquiry probing the 2002 post-Godhra riots submitted its final report to Chief Minister Anandiben Patel on 18 November 2014. Justice Nanavati and Commission member Justice Akshay Mehta met Ms. Patel at her residence and handed over the report. Justice Nanavati told PTI that the report was over 2,000 pages, but did not divulge anything further. The Commission’s term expired on October 31 after 24 extensions. It submitted the first part of its report related to the Sabarmati Express in 2008, which said that the train burning was a “planned conspiracy.” The same year, after the death of Justice K.G. Shah, retired HC Justice Akshay Mehta was appointed to the Commission.

2) NASA installed first zero-gravity 3D printer on ISS: NASA successfully installed the world’s first zero-gravity 3D printer on the International Space Station (ISS) to help astronauts experiment with additive manufacturing in microgravity. NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore installed the 3D printer, designed and built by Made In Space, inside the Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) on the ISS. The printer was launched in September aboard the SpaceX 4 resupply mission to the ISS.

3) Doha to host 2019 athletics world championships: Doha will host the 2019 athletics world championships, another sporting victory for the tiny Gulf state of Qatar. It already has the FIFA World Cup in 2022, and may also have ambitions for the biggest prize of them all, the Olympics. Doha, the Qatari capital, won its bid to host the world championships in a secret IAAF vote on Tuesday at a Monte Carlo hotel after losing out to London three years ago. This time, Doha beat an American bid from Eugene, Oregon, and Spanish city Barcelona in the vote by the IAAF's 27-member ruling council.

4) Terry Walsh resigned as India Hockey Coach: India's chief hockey coach Terry Walsh quit from his position after his contractual talks with Hockey India and the Sports Authority of India (SAI) broke down but a fresh proposal is still being worked out for the Australian's consideration. Walsh, whose contract was to come to an end on Wednesday, had already submitted his resignation last month after his demands for a greater say in team decisions and hand-picked support staff were turned down by HI and SAI.

5) Vengsarkar to receive C.K. Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award: Dilip Vengsarkar who earned the sobriquet ‘colonel’ has been chosen for the BCCI’s Col. C.K. Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award for 2013-14. He will receive a citation, trophy and cheque for Rs. 25 lakh at the BCCI’s eighth annual awards ceremony to be held on November 21. “I am honoured and delighted to have been chosen for the award and also to be in the august company of those who have been honoured before me. I thank the BCCI,” Vengsarkar said. 

6) Govt relaunched Kisan Vikas Patras: Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Communication Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad relaunched the Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) investment scheme on 18 November 2014 to tap household savings for funding infrastructure development in the country and to lure them away from ponzi schemes. The savings instrument will be available in the denomination of Rs. 1000, Rs. 5,000, Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 50,000. There will be no upper ceiling on investments an investor can make in them. However, no tax benefits would be available on these investments. Banks will accept these certificates as pledged security for loans. To begin with, the certificates will be available only at post offices. Over time, however, designated branches of nationalised banks will also sell them.

7) TSR Subramanian Committee submits report on amendment of green laws: A committed headed by former Cabinet Secretary TSR Subramanian, set up to review environmental laws, has submitted its report to Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar. The committee’s report takes ahead the Government’s move to amend five key green laws to ensure transparency in clearances along with protecting the environment. Receiving the report, Javadekar said it would help the Ministry avoid “undue delays and ensure transparency in clearances and implementation of projects.”

8) 45TH IFFI Salutes Wong Kar-Wai with Lifetime Achievement Award:One of the Hong Kong's most celebrated filmmakers Wong Kar-Wai will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 45th edition of IFFI. He is Internationally renowned as an auteur for his visually unique, highly stylised, emotionally resonant work, including Days of Being Wild (1990), Ashes of Time (1994), Chungking Express (1994), Fallen Angels (1995), Happy Together (1997), 2046 (2004) and The Grandmaster (2013).

9) Coal India gets Sutirtha Bhattacharya as new chief: Public Enterprise Selection Board (PSEB) finalised Sutirtha Bhattacharya, a 1985 Andhra Pradesh cadre IAS officer as the new chairman and managing director of Coal India limited (CIL). Bhattacharya was selected from the list of 12 candidates who applied for the post the head of Coal India, the almost monopolistic coal mining company of ‘Maharatna’ stature.
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